Comic Review: ‘Man of Steel’

Funk's House of Geekery

When it Brian Michael Bendis shook the comic world by jumping ship from Marvel to work for DC Comics for the first time in his twenty year career, fans wondered what he would do. Many of course assumed he would be tackling Batman or Green Arrow or some other street level vigilante as he has proven so fond of doing. Instead the scribe came out and said the first major project he would tackle would be the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Many including myself (I’ll admit I was wrong), were suspicious when this news came out. In the ensuing interviews Bendis discussed a connection he felt with the character considering he was created by two Jewish kids in Cleveland, and he himself grew up as a Jewish kid in Cleveland. He also brought up a point few would argue with that the ideals the character has stood for…

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Chasing the Sun in Nara

What an Amazing World!

A Glimpse of Nandaimon, the Gate to Todai-ji Compound

Holidays are usually a time that people use to decouple themselves from the stress of work and reconnect with things they love; this often involves sleeping in and waking up whenever their bodies want. But when that thing you love is related to outdoor photography in which the weather plays an important factor in deciding when and where to go, your day can in fact start in a more challenging way than your usual weekday routines. This is exactly what happened to James and I on the day we took a day trip from Kyoto – Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years until it moved to Tokyo – to Nara, another ancient capital of the country some 40 kilometers south of Kyoto.

The problem was the weather in Nara throughout our stay in Japan was forecast to be mostly cloudy…

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Well, I BEG TO DIFFER Professor Peterson!

Denny Sinnoh

Ha. Lobsters everywhere. I am a huge fan of University of Toronto Professor of Psychology Dr. Jordan Peterson.

What?!? – you were expecting another blog hit piece on Jordan Peterson? Don’t believe any of that crap written about him on Vice, or Vox, or Mic or any of those other media catering to those  low-testosterone “soy boys” and male feminists. You know the ones I’m talking about. These college guy baristas that support Marxism and feminists because they think that will get them laid … but I digress…

Why does the mainstream media keep lying about Jordan Peterson? Even the New York Times (a “former newspaper” as Andrew Klavan would say) wrote a targeted article that misquoted, misunderstood, and misrepresented what Professor Peterson said, or wrote. Dr. Peterson has been maligned in the media as misogynist, transphobic … wanka wanka wanka … by the usual sources. (“

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Your Recommended Reading: The Books You Didn’t Know You Needed


The Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafón once said, “Books are mirrors. You only see in them what you already have inside of you.”

Which books have spoken to you about events in your life, both past and present? Today we’ll look at how reading helped novelist Ann Patchett after her stepfather’s death — books she didn’t know she needed until she read them.

“Grief on one shoulder, gratitude on the other”

For more from Ann Patchett, check out “Notes from Ann” at musing, the blog of independent bookseller Parnassus Books, located in Nashville, Tennessee.

In Ann Patchett’s recent post at musing, she talks about the death of her stepfather, Mike Glasscock, and recalls his positive influence on her development as a writer.

Mike came into my life when I was five, and even though he and my mother parted ways when I was 24, he and…

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血糖値を下げたい どんな運動が効率的?


運動 血糖値

血糖値を下げたい どんな運動が効率的?
2018年4月21日 NIKKEI STYLE


Blaze Report: CutreCon y SpiceWorld

Brenda Forever

Volvemos con nuestro noticiario de Andrea Zuckerman.

Esta semana tenemos dos eventos que no podemos perdernos. Del 24 al 28 de enero se celebra una nueva edición de CutreCon. Hace unos días estuvimos en la rueda de prensa donde nos hablaron de algunas de las novedades y sorpresas que nos tienen preparados.

El 24 en los Cines de la Prensa tendremos el ChiquitoFest donde se rendirá homenaje a Chiquito de la Calzada con la proyección de la película Brácula, Condemor 2. Y el 26 de enero tendremos la despedida de Cinebasura y la proyección de Mi amigo Mac. Podéis ver el programa completo en la web.

Pero no será este el único plan. El 28 de enero vuelve Cine Para Chicas y Maricas que esta vez proyectará Spice World, la conocida película protagonizada por la mega banda de los 90 las Spice Girls. Evento al que la que escribe…

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