Gendered Sounds of India, an Introduction

Sounding Out!

**This post was co-authored by forum co-editors Praseeda Gopinath and Monika Mehta

A note on the collection: Our original Call For Posts was for “Gendered Sounds of South Asia,” as we hoped to use this de-center India and explore terrain beyond cinema.  However, the submissions that we received compelled us to recalibrate the framing of this forum, which will now focus on cinema and sound in India. It occurred to us once we received the pitches that there were structural reasons for the paucity of submissions on both South Asia and sound beyond cinema. The listservs on which the CFP circulated as well as the ways in which the CFP framed sound shaped the submissions. Intersecting sound with gender immediately invokes the female voice, since gender still signals the female. This invocation leads to the next term, “Indian film,” which dominates the region. That said, it is also possible that…

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Gender and the First Sound Films in 1930s Bombay

Sounding Out!

co-edited by Praseeda Gopinath and Monika Mehta

Our listening practices are discursively constructed. In the sonic landscape of India, in particular, the way in which we listen and what we hear is often normative, produced within hegemonic discourses of gender, class, caste, region, and sexuality. . . This forum, Gendered Soundscapes of India, offers snapshots of sound at sites of trans/national production, marketing, filmic and musical texts. Complementing these posts, the accompanying photographs offer glimpses of gendered community formation, homosociality, the pervasiveness of sound technology in India, and the discordant stratified soundscapes of the city. This series opens up for us the question of other contexts in India where sound, gender, and technology might intersect, but more broadly, it demands that we consider how sound exists differently in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Afghanistan. How might we imagine a sonic framework and South Asia from these…

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Pokémon Nicknames: Rockruff and Lycanroc

Denny Sinnoh

A L O L A    C O U S I N S !

Cute little wolf-cub/puppy Rockruff (in Japanese: イワンコ  “Iwanko”) is a Rock-type Pokémon introduced in the Alola Region (Generation 6 ).

Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc (in Japanese: ルガルガン  “Lugarugan”) starting at level 25, where it remain a Rock-type. Lycanroc has two forms however. The Midday Form – when Lycanroc evolves in the Pokémon Sun game, and Midnight Form – when it evolves in Pokémon Moon. (Reference: Bulbapedia.)

I often like to give a Rockruff a “rock” type name from the rock and mineral terminology I learned in Geology 101. Names like “Silica”  are cute for a Rockruff, and I think it still works if you evolve it into the Midday-Form Lycanroc.

Names like “Granite”, “Mica” or even “Formica” are examples. You should choose…

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アメリカ製、イスラエル製の武器を保管したISISの武器庫が発見 – Pars Today


情報源: アメリカ製、イスラエル製の武器を保管したISISの武器庫が発見 – Pars Today

鳩山由紀夫元総理、「ISISはCIAによって作られ、部分的にはワシントンから …

2015/12/07 – 鳩山由紀夫元総理、「ISISはCIAによって作られ、部分的にはワシントンからのサポートを得ている」という、WSJ編集者の談話を紹介し、黒幕は米国であるという可能性を示唆。 – あなたを救う!マルチ情報発信基地


2015/02/27 – イラクがアメリカ軍に、ISIS支援の事情説明を求める


Kimonos on Monday: Photos of my Iwasa Misaki concert DVD covers and insert booklets.

Denny Sinnoh

“Forget blogging.” That is what I tell myself. I am in so much trouble at work for being such a deadwood employee, that I feel guilty even posting a few photos. I had been wanting to write a review of Iwasa Misaki’s first solo concert DVD last year, but never could. Then she released another solo concert earlier this year. Both are great concerts. There is this inner scream inside me that just wants to tell someone about them …

If I cannot write about them, perhaps some of my readers would be interested in coming over to my house, and we can watch them together. Then I can tell you all about them. I will have some cupcakes we can share, while I give my commentary … We can make an afternoon out of it!

Failing that, I can at least share some of the photo cards…

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今回の解散総選挙は立憲民主党が大躍進となるのは間違いない。立候補者が少なすぎたくらいだ。 大問題なのが希望の党で、大敗北を喫する可能性が高い。希望の党の大敗北は、小池百合子ブームの終焉だ。「排除する」があまりにも大失敗だった。排除の論理が立憲民主党の旗揚げを産

情報源: 最悪のケースに向かっている

高齢者は病気になれない? 医療費給付を制限されたら…:朝日新聞デジタル

情報源: 高齢者は病気になれない? 医療費給付を制限されたら…:朝日新聞デジタル