15-Minute Kimchi Fried Rice – A Family-Friendly Introduction to Fermented Foods


food to glow

An easy, vegetarian and family-friendly introduction to fermented superfood, kimchi. 

An easy, vegetarian and family-friendly introduction to fermented food superfood, kimchi.Kimchi is a big ask for some. Even more so for those with families to feed.

For starters – not to put too fine a point on it – kimchi stinks. To highest Heaven. Even hardcore kimchi fans would have to admit this. In fact, I have read that many Koreans have little refrigerators just for kimchi (much like many US college dorm rooms/man caves have beer fridges). #goals

It’s also a wee bit spicy from the Korean chilli flakes, as well as a bit sour and sometimes fizzy from fermentation – which can be slightly off putting traits in comestibles when one is used to sweeter, or at least more neutral, food.

And mostly food doesn’t hiss at you.

But hopefully you can get past/have got past these “attributes” to appreciate the intense flavour of this firework of the food…

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